At ESA we take the time to listen and truly understand our clients’ requirements. In doing so, we create considered, functional designs that not only work for their individual needs, but are sympathetic to both their budgets and their location.

We pride ourselves in thinking ahead at the design stage to ensure space is maximized, light is optimized and interiors are designed that are efficient, effective and beautiful. A range of media are used whilst undertaking feasibility studies including sketch layouts and computer assisted design (CAD)models in order to help clients visualise the design at an early stage

ESA can provide designs for

  • Extensions
  • New builds
  • Small Commercial
  • Residential
  • Refurbishment
  • Redesign


With ESA acting as `Agent` during the planning process we can ensure that you are guided step by step, responding to requests from the local planning department and  resolving promptly and professionally.

From initial consultation through to creation of planning drawings, completion of forms and submission, we can advise on the best type of application for your project. This will allow you to make an informed submission at a time of your choosing. Contact ESA to discuss your proposals

We aim to provide:

  • comprehensive explanations of the different types of application
  • full consideration of an application prior to submission
  • involvement in pre-application discussions for more complex designs

Permission from the local planning authority is needed for most building work. The type and extent of building work proposed will determine what permissions are required. Permission can be granted or refused, subject to the local authority decision.

Information on the planning system and process is provided on the government website

Building Control

When relevant permission from a Planning Authority is obtained ESA can prepare technical drawings for Building Control Submission.  This is advisable to ensure that the initial design becomes a reality and conveys the client’s needs clearly for a contractor during construction. We work with our clients to provide their bespoke specifications for every aspect of the building, from lighting to flooring, advising on new technologies to ensure an effective and efficient building. In these drawings and specifications, all the requirements of Building Control Regulations deemed necessary are incorporated from an early stage. This is key to ensuring that the integrity of the design remain unaltered by construction requirements.

Where required ESA works with other consultants and include their work into the submission to the Building Control authority for approval.

The Building Regulations are national standards that apply to most building work, from a major new development to an extension to your home. Information about these regulations can be found on the government web-site at:

Building Control authorities, either from the Local Authority or the private sector as an Approved Inspector will review submitted drawings and specifications against building regulations.  Their approval typically takes between 3 to 8 weeks. An inspector will visit site during construction when notified by the building contractor.  On completion of a project  a certificate of compliance with Building Regulations is issued.

The Building Regulations control all aspects of building quality including:

  •  Structural Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture
  • Toxic Substances
  • Resistance to Sound
  • Ventilation
  • Sanitation
  • Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency
  • Drainage and Waste Disposal
  • Heat Producing Appliances
  • Protection from Falling
  • Conservation of Fuel and Power
  • Access to and use of Building
  • Glazing Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Workmanship and Materials

Contract Administration

ESA offers contract administration/site visit services to ensure that your building is constructed to current standards and the agreed design. We aim to scale our involvement to meet the requirements of the specific project.

As contract administrator ESA:

  • Support clients in your selection of builder.
  • Advise on and prepare the best contract to use for your project.  
  • Prepare tender documentation by providing information suitable for obtaining competitive quotations. (These will closely define the work to be carried out and provide a framework for completion on time and on budget.)
  • Make periodic visits to the site during construction.  (Generally, we are appointed to visit site every two weeks, dependent on site progress. Where possible we try to coincide with the Building Control Officer’s visits. This frequency ensures optimum liaison between all parties involved in the project, allowing early identification of any potential deficiencies of the build allowing them to be addressed promptly.)
  • Update the client on any developments, challenges or required remedial work.
  • Providing amended drawings as the project evolves.
  • Manage correspondence with the builder, handle queries and certify progress and final payments.
  • Agree completion with the builder and client, monitoring any defects or deficiencies that may arise during a six or twelve-month rectification period, arrange resolution of defects prior to issue of our final certificate.